Beat-Root Stomp Box Review

Today I’m reviewing the Beat-Root stomp box for the solo performer.  I’ve had mine for 3 years and use it for most of my solo gigs. It’s a great way of adding some extra punch to a certain section in a song eg. when the chorus kicks in begin stamping on the Beat-Root for a driving kick drum sound.

The device has a built in pickup contained inside the hollow section of the stomp box. You plug your guitar jack cable into the input attached to back of the Beat-Root, and run the other end of the cable into an amplifier or PA system. You want the stomp box to have it’s own channel so you can roll off all of the treble and boost the low end in the EQ so that it gives that ‘thud’ sound like a kick drum.

You need to be very consistent with your stomps as the device is very sensitive and will pick up any differences in volume between each kick. I find that by having the volume slightly lower than you normally would, it allows you to stomp on it harder and that way it makes it sound more consistent.

It’s a very simple yet effective tool which a singer/songwriter can add to their arsenal and it’s not very expensive. I love mine and use it for every one of my gigs and wouldn’t be caught without it!

You can hear what in sounds like in my review on my Youtube channel.

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To pick up your own Beat-Root Stomp Box follow the link to their website.

I hope you found the review helpful.

Thanks for reading!


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