Bose L1 Compact PA System – Gear Review

I currently use the Bose L1 Compact PA System for all of my solo gigs. Before this system I used a big traditional style PA with 2 mounted speakers, a powered mixer and a floor monitor. Although it was powerful the sound quality was often distorted and I was never really happy with the sound.

Prior to buying the Bose I tried out a number of different systems and was very impressed with how the Bose L1 compared to the others I tested. It has a way of compressing the vocal which gives it a very crisp sound even when played at loud volumes, whereas with my old PA I’d get alot of feed-back and it would sometimes start to distort and clip.

Another reason why I went for the Bose L1 PA System is that it’s very portable and compact unit. You can collapse it right down and fit it into the 2 carry cases provided which are lightweight and ergonomic.

When playing live depending on how big the room is you can either choose to play with 1, 2, or all 3 loudspeakers inserted. It also depends if the audience is seated or standing, how many people are in the room and the volume of the venue.

People have commented on how clear the sound is when I set up in the corner of a room and how well they can hear it at the other end of the venue. This is because the shape and design of the Bose L1 projects the sound so it spreads out evenly at 180 degrees so everyone in the venue can hear it.

When it comes to plugging into the system you have two inputs. When playing solo gigs this is ideal as you just have the mic xlr input and the guitar standard jack input aswell. On the mic input you have 2 EQ settings, you have treble bass and volume. With the guitar you just have volume. You also have an AUX input to plug your music into which can be useful between sets or if you play with backing tracks.

It doesn’t come with any built in FX like reverb or delays, so if you want anything like that you’d have to buy a seperate mixer unit. That also gives you more inputs so more options for bands, duos etc. You can pick up a good mixer for under £150 which would do the job just fine.

The extension tower loudspeakers comes with a lightweight shoulder bag and the main unit comes with a bag that slides over the top and has a pocket at the front to carry cables/mic. There’s also a hole in the top of the bag so you can access the handle.

The Bose L1 PA System is the smallest unit out of the Bose collection. I’ve never had any trouble with volume. If your playing pubs, restraunts, small outdoor marquees, anywhere between 100-500 cap venues this system will be perfect. If your playing larger venues you can link 2 or 3 of these units together or buy the next model up from the L1 which is more powerful.

I’m very happy with the system. If I was to get a system for a whole band to use perhaps I’d get the one up from this but for the solo singer/songwriter/duo this system is ideal!

You can pick one up from the guys are gear for music. Follow the link here:

I hope you found the review helpful,

Thanks for reading

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