Boss CH 1 Super Chorus Guitar Pedal – Gear Review

This chorus pedal is very low noise and transparent in nature which makes it ideal for bass, keyboard and guitar. It has 2 stereo outputs which allows you to split your signal between two amps for an even more spacious chorus tone. The eq dial allows you to cut or boost high or low frequencies.

The first sound I dialed in was a full chorus tone which means there was alot of extra delay in the signal. You can see the settings I used below.

The second sound has a faster rate which gives more of a shimmering effect like the guitar tones you hear in the 80’s like Metallica and that kind of era.

With pitch modulation and faster speeds, things tend to get a bit warped so EQ can be used to control it into a nice vibrato.

Like all Boss pedals the build quality is very robust so this pedal is guaranteed to last for years to come if your on the road or just playing at home.

The Boss Chorus CH-1 retails at around £80 and you can grab one from the great guys at Gear4Music here.

You can check out a video of my review over on my YouTube channel here.

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Thanks for reading!


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