Fender Blues Deluxe Tweed Reissue Amp Review

My main gigging amp when playing electric guitar is the Fender Blues Deluxe Tweed Reissue. This 40 watt amplifier is very loud, I rarely go past dial 3 on the volume knob as it’s so loud! Easily powerful enough for large clubs. Put a mic in front of the 12 inch Eminence speaker and you won’t need to turn it past 3/4 even when playing big venues.

It’s a 2 channel full tube amplifier which works great as a clean amp so if you do want some more gain I’d recommend adding pedals into the signal chain. I like using the fender to provide a totally clean signal and then using pedals out the front to provide any additional effects and overdrive. The clean tone is fantastic and as you can expect with all Fenders the built in reverb sounds great too.

The 2nd channel gives it a little bit more grit and can work well as a lead boost for solo sections or giving a certain section in a song a boost. The amp comes with a foot switch to select between the 2 channels and to turn the reverb on/off.

This Fender Blues Deluxe can be quite bright so I tend to use the neck pickup and roll some of the treble off the tone dials otherwise it can sound quite harsh. I generally like playing a lot of blues and for that sound I prefer a warmer tone so rolling off some of the treble works well for that.

I’m thinking of switching the speaker out at some point as the stock speaker is responsible for the majority of the brightness, so I’d likely put something like a Celestion Greenback in there which will smooth it out.

It’s a perfect club amp if you like low gain amplifiers. And I use this for all of my gigs where I’m playing in a band situation as it’s so versatile. In the studio it works great with pedals or you can record a clean signal and add all the post effects in your DAW.

The Blues Deluxe is 5 watts lower than the Hot Rod Deluxe but audibly I can’t hear much difference at all in volume. The tweed cover gives it a real vintage aesthetic which looks great on stage! They retail at around £680 and you can pick one up from guys at Gear4Music.

I’d highly recommend the Fender Blues Deluxe Tweed Reissue to anyone as it’s highly versatile amplifier that packs a punch!

To hear what it sounds like head over to my Youtube channel to see watch my video review.

I hope you enjoyed the review.

All the best,


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