Joe Bonamassa JB95 Signature Wah Pedal – Gear Review

Guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton used the wah pedal to help define the sound of ’60s guitar and ’70s funk. Dunlop has developed there own line of signature pedals tailored for Kirk Hammett, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Eddie Van Halen, as well as Jimi Hendrix signature wah that is made to the spec of his original Thomas Organ-designed unit. And now, Dunlop has honoured the blues-rock legend Joe Bonamassa with his own signature wah.

The JB-95 is Joe Bonamassa’s signature wah from Dunlop that’s voiced to his exact specifications which he uses every night on tour. As expected this means it’s very reliable, the build quality is superb & it sounds awesome!

There’s a huge sweeping range on this wah pedal and it’s very vocal sounding. The EQ has been tweaked so the high end is not too quacky and the low end is not too fuzzy. This is a vintage wah with some modern additions. It’s got a halo inductor which gives that classic sound. Many regard the halo as an indispensable part of the best vintage-wah sounds. It has a switch that allows you to go from true bypass and buffered bypass. The true bypass switch is hidden under the base plate. Joe uses it in the buffered bypass setting. Leaving the wah in non-true bypass mode means you can engage the on/off switch almost noiselessly. Once the JB95 is on, it’s hard not to be drawn right into the sweet, high-end range of the pedal’s sweep.

This sleek looking pedal has a copper top and a luxurious black base plate which will look great on any pedal board with it’s eye-catching appearance and luxurious touch. The top surface has a textured rubber pad for added grip. Overall it’s a hefty unit that is built to withstand hurricanes, droughts and a million beer soaked gigs! The 9V battery compartment is secured to the bottom plate and can be accessed without removing all four screws.

Weather your a Joe Bonamassa fan, a collector of wah pedals, or simply looking for a new toy for your pedal board, I’d highly recommend the Joe Bonamassa JP-95 signature wah from Dunlop!

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I hope you enjoyed this review!



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