Taylor 214ce-dlx Acoustic Guitar Review

My main acoustic guitar is a Taylor 241ce-dlx. Before purchasing the guitar I went into the store with a few things in mind; I was looking for an electro acoustic, grand auditorium body shape with a single cutaway.

So with that in mind I tried a bunch of different guitars out and eventually got to the 214ce-dlx 2017 model. What I liked about this guitar is that the neck feels similar to an electric in the sense that it has a thin profile and the action is set-up to a mid/low height, whereas some acoustics you have to really fight to play certain shapes and chords. You can also access the higher frets with ease due to the single cutaway.

The build quality is great, using only the finest materials and I immediately fell in love with the stunning rosewood back and sides. The neck is made from mahogany with a 20 fret, ebony fingerboard and mother of pearl diamond inlays. The top is made from sitka spruce which brightens and compliments the rich, warm tones from the mahogany body. It’s a steel string model which I prefer to use as it’s versatile and provides a well rounded sound when performing solo or in a band.

Another thing that sold me on this guitar is the expression system 2 pickup. In comparison to the EX1 they put the pickup in the bridge rather than next to the sound hole which means it picks up more resonance from the guitar and provides a more natural sound. The expression system 2 is by far the most realistic sounding pickup I’ve heard whilst plugged in.

It has a 2 band EQ with treble, bass and a volume knob that’s very simple to use. You plug the jack in through the strap lock which also does a great job of holding the strap into place. With previous guitars I’ve had problems with straps coming off halfway through songs and I’ve never had that problem with the Taylor as it’s very secure.

Like any good guitar should, with age the wood will start to become more resonant and improve with age. With the sitka spruce tops they tend to darken slightly in colour as they age which I personally really like the look of. I’m looking forward to seeing how this guitar ages and I intent on keeping this one forever!

These retail for approx £1200 and you get a lot of guitar for your money that you can enjoy for years to come. Overall this is a beautiful guitar that is well built and comfortable to play. I’d highly recommend them to anyone. I got mine from the guys at Gear4Music. Go check them out here – www.gear4music.com.

I restring this guitar with Elixir Phosphor Bronze strings 12-53 gauge and tune down a whole step to D standard. They rarely ever break and do a great job of staying in tune!

To hear what this guitar sounds like head over to the video review on my Youtube channel.

I hope you enjoyed the review.

Best wishes


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