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TC Electronic – PolyTune – Gear Review

The PolyTune by TC Electronics is different to other tuners on the market that have a single note at a time tuning mode. What makes the PolyTune so different is it has a polyphonic mode meaning you can hit all the strings at once and it tells you which ones are out.

This will save you as a player precious time because rather than going through string by string to figure out which ones are out, you can just hit all the open notes at once and it will tell you straight away…genius!

Another useful feature of the PolyTune is that if you just want to tune a single string like a conventional tuner, hit a string on it’s own and it switches to single string mode without having to press any buttons or change any settings directly on the pedal.

It comes packed in a sturdy, compact, metal casing with the input and output jacks situated at the same height as standard Boss stomp-boxes (and many other compact pedals) so cable-less straight plugs can also be used if you like to keep your pedalboard neat and tidy!

The battery compartment is easy to access as it involves just one impossible-to-lose thumb screw on the base plate, and houses a single 9V battery which will provide approximately six/seven hours of constant use.

The top of the unit has a 9V mains barrel jack and when using a suitable power supply, the PolyTune also has a power output allowing you to daisy chain other 9V pedals up-to a mega 2000mA (milliamps) (most pedals draw around 35-50mA, making this pedal both a tuner and a power supply!

The PolyTune features true-bypass switching, which means when it’s off, it won’t affect your tone.

The large LED display is very visible and can be seen from a brightly lit stage to an outdoor day-time gig. The screen houses 109 tiny LED’s to illuminate the various functions and they automatically dim or brighten depending on the light conditions.

The PolyTune will also work with four, five and six string bass guitars, although if you’re using a capo or alternate tunings you can only use the regular single string mode.

You can only use the Polyphonic mode with standard intervals in the keys of E, Eb, D, C#, C or B. But who knows what updates could occur down the line?

The TC Electronics PolyTune is a giant leap forward in the technology of conventional tuners and pedal tuners. It might not be for everyone, but what the majority of people want is to be able to tune quickly and silently between songs, and it achieves that beautifully.

See a live demo of the PolyTune in action here on my YouTube channel.

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