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The Sweet Cream Overdive is modelled off the Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive.

The micro pedal range by Tone City are not only incredibly good value due to there low price, but the compact size will also save you space on your pedal board. Despite there low cost and small size, they do not compromise on tone as all the pedals in the range sound awesome! 

The Sweet Cream overdrive features true bypass switching so your tone stays as crystal clear when switching on/off and between effects. As the name suggests, this pedal creates an amp like overdrive for ‘edge of break up’ tones. It works great on its own for low gain crunch tones, or stacked on-top of another OD for added gain and sustain.   

J. Wong is the man behind the Tone City pedal range, and he is in-fact the creator of many pedals which you may already own or have heard of! Tone City is his own venture and these new beauties are hand wired and made to the highest quality. 

To simplify things, the volume, gain and tone controls have been replaced with a single touch control. Instead of just rolling off the high end like a tone control would, it changes the overall response, EQ and compression of the drive all in one giving you a wider range of tones.

The Sweet Cream will not work with a 9V battery and requires a 9V DC power supply (not included) to work.

Please note: Tone City Pedals work best with a regulated power supply. You may experience unwanted noise with a non-regulated power supply.

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To hear this pedal in action watch my review here and don’t forget to subscribe it really helps the channel grow!

I hope you enjoyed this review.



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